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rode to work today. it was so nice out and really awesome to be riding again. gotta make a fork brace though. 40+ on stock forks is a lil frightening.


Theres something just so awesome

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about taking a completely fucked up cylinder and reviving it back to life. what an awesome feeling. it runs so much stronger than before!

fuck! awesome!

just for reference I’ve included photos of how messed up it was…


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Yup. It’s a badass pipe. I can JUST barely get into the powerband, but I swear to god it’s the fastest I’ve gone on a moped.

Oh, and then I siezed. w00t. Only a soft sieze, but a pretty bad one. Rings are on the way from treatland.

Here’s a pic of the beauty, once I fix my cylinder up, I’ll toss the mikuni on there and we’ll see what happens next.

get jealous

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eyeballin’ it looks like it might just bolt right on. (bolt right on as good as any aftermarket exhaust, so, not at all – but we’ll make it work) just gotta make a bracket to hold that big boy up.

New toys coming

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order up!

got a mikuni vm20 coming my way, and get this: puch simonini!! that’s right. simo, on a garelli. let’s hope I can hit that powerband. I’ll catch you all next week when I’m freezing my balls off testing out my new toys.

Getting all the kink’s worked out.

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So newped is coming along nicely. Got a polini 19mm intake on the way, then onto PHBG land… wanna get a new pipe too… Either one of the bennassar style ones or the polini circuit for NOI’s (only one left in stock @ 77, so don’t buy it cuz it’s mine!)

Currently she’s got a 15.15, homemade pipe, 70cc polini kit.

I pulled the cylinder off for the first time yesterday and it looks pretty nasty, doesn’t seem to have a loss of compression though, and she runs good… We’ll see if it holds up…

pic of black beauty:

pic of nasty piston…

Let’s give it another go, yeah?

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GNARELLI PART DEUX: The Not-So-Gnar elli


That’s right bitches, I got a new ped. Since my old SSXL got stolen it’s only fitting that I get another. This ones black and it’s an ’80. Current setup:

15.15 Dellorto SHA (converting to spigot tomorrow night)
Homemade pipe (one part estoril, one part homoet 4p) – not pictured
Polini 70cc

Going to be putting a lot of work into this bike, it’s gonna rip for sure. Thinking about carb/pipe setups, race rubber, etc etc. I can’t wait to tear into this thing. The only good thing about winter is projects.